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WNS Optimo-Alpha limbs

WNS Optimo-Alpha limbs

W&W have dropped the SF brand and renamed it "WNS" which is pronounced "Winners".

The Optimo-Alpha is the perfect bow to start and progress! At light as accurate, this bow is being manufactured the same way as others in the WNS range. These wood core / fiberglass limbs are ready for intensive club usage.

48in limbs fit the 14.5in SF Optimo Plus riser, 54in and 58in limbs fit the 19.5in riser, a 62in bow can be achieved by fitting 66in limbs into the 20in riser, a 64in bow can be achieved by fitting 66in limbs into the 22in riser, 66in, 68in and 70in limbs fit the longer 24in riser.

WNS Optimo poundage is measured at 26in draw, rather than the normal 28in draw for the other limbs such as the similar Samick Polaris.

Recommended for use with the WNS Optimo-Alpha riser.

Lengths / Poundages:

  • 48in
  • 54in
  • 58in
  • 62in
  • 64in
  • 66in
  • 68in
  • 70in

LimbsHandlePoundage (lbs)Type
Information provided courtesy of WNS