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Arc Systeme Scope Mount Micro 3D (SX3D)
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Arc Systeme
Arc Syeteme Scope Mount Micro 3D (SX3D)

Arc Systeme Scope Mount Micro 3D (SX3D)

Introducing the MICRO 3D, the new Prestige micrometric sighting head.

Compatible with Arc Systeme SX10 and SX200 sights, it is intended to equip compound bows for fine adjustment of the scope.

Axis 1: the scope support cylinder.

It is laser graduated to precisely define your scope exit, as well as its inclination, without marking the aluminium.

Available only in non-threaded cylinder and without hexagonal recess, it ensures compatibility with all scopes.

Axes 2 and 3: horizontality and openness.

The adjustment becomes micrometric! Thanks to an eccentric screw hidden in the system, on both axes, you will adjust your axes under stress. No more bubble that moves when you tighten the screws once your setting has been defined.

Flat shooters will be happy to set a bubble in the center with precision, and course shooters will easily adjust their third axis to eliminate lateral flaws on slopes.

Robust but light, it has the advantages required by the new generation scopes, heavier and bulky, and consolidates our SX200, also more robust and already equipped with the MICRO 3D system on its bracket. More info on the SX200.

Functional and reliable, it meets our specifications, that of French quality.

Arc Syeteme Scope Mount Micro 3D (SX3D)