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Doinker Hero Ultra Hi-Mod Side Bar - 12in - (HUHSB12) - Black
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Doinker Hero Ultra Hi-Mod Stabilizer

Doinker Hero Ultra Hi-Mod Side Bar

By far the most expensive side bar on the market today. Why? It's all down to the carbon rod used in each Hero side bar. The best carbon technology comes with a premium price tag.

The 0.575in outside diameter Ultra Hi-Mod carbon rod has the ability to transfer residual energy left over from the shot efficiently to the end of the side bar. It holds 20+ ounces of weight with little flex. With it's small outside diameter it is optimal in extreme windy conditions.

Optional Doinker EXO damper and adapter screws are included with each Hero side bar.

Doinker Thumb Spur hole at the base of the side bar helps assist with a solid connection to the mount. A Thumb Spur tool is included with each Hero side bar.

The removable 1 1/4in Hero Doinker Supreme (HD) allows the archer to fully adjust the flex / tension of the Doinker to better absorb residual vibration. Modular in design, it will fit easily between the 421 Weight System.

Standard is a complete set of the low-profile,1 ounce incremental stainless steel 421 Weight System. Also included is a complete set of weight system screws.

Each Hero rod is manufactured specially to order. Doinker do not keep this item in stock so please allow for a 6-12 week additional delay for production.

Length Options:

  • 10in - 11.6oz
  • 12in - 11.8oz
  • 15in - 12.2oz

Product code: HUHSB

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