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W&W Wiawis S21 Long Rod
Further Information

W&W Wiawis S21 Long Rod:

2017 new stabilizer's WIAWIS S21 reinforces the performance of present HMC Plus stabilizer with a graphene foam core and it was developed focused on improving shooting feeling. As already known with the HMC Plus stabilizer, we increased stiffness using tapered tube on end part of the stabilizer. It reduces unnecessary movement by eliminating vibration after shooting and controlling shock and vibration transferred from limbs movement.

WIAWIS S21 stabilizer features not only offer better shooting feeling but also give technological advancements on current competitive stabilizers.

Target style stabilizer from W&W featuring increased stiffness and stability compared with earlier models. Constructed with reinforced, high-strength anti-resistance foam. Includes head weight, flat weight and flat bottom weight.

Technical Specifications:

  • Lengths:
    • 26in
    • 28in
    • 30in
    • 32in
  • Colours:
    • Glossy Black
    • Matt Black

W&W Wiawis S21 Long Rod - glossy black and matt black
Information provided courtesy of W&W