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Beiter Clearance Star

Beiter Clearance Star

Beiter Clearance Star

Beiter Clearance Star

Why do I need Clearance Stars?

Archers have many questions...

  • How does my arrow leave the bow?
  • Do I have a good clearance?
  • Do my arrows touch the rest, the plunger, the handle or even my hand?...

Without access to high-speed film equipment it is not easy to get answers to these questions, until now...

Beiter Clearance Stars are Contact Indicators, showing where the arrow touches the bow and the accessories attached to it (such as Plunger, Rest...) on leaving the bow window after releasing.

Each set includes 11 Clearance Stars, 1 Clearance Star Tool, 1 Clearance Star Box and Instructions.


  • Ø4,5 - PINK (X-10)
  • Ø5,2 - YELLOW (ACE)
  • Ø5,4 - DARK BLUE (Navigator 710)
  • Ø5,5 - HEAVY GREEN (Navigator 610)
  • Ø5,6 - ROSE (Navigator 540)
  • Ø8,34 - VIOLET (2114)
  • Ø8,74 - BLUE (2213)
  • Ø9,07 - WHITE (2314)
  • Ø9,22 - BLACK (2312)
  • Ø9,26 - RED (2315)


  • Take one Beiter Clearance Star out of the box and install it on the Clearance Star Tool, paying attention to position it correctly. The Beiter Clearance Star has 11 rays, therefore the rays at 11 and 1 o’clock should be positioned on the edges of the V-cut of the Tool.
  • Remove the Nock from your arrow shaft.
  • Slip over the shaft and position the Beiter Clearance Star with the aid of the Tool.
  • Apply as many Clearance Stars as needed in a row at the distance and spacing you wish, to reveal the contact points of the the arrow shaft with the arrow rest, the plunger tip, the bow window or the bow hand. Place them on the shaft between the nock and the arrow rest. Re-install the nock.
  • It is important to align the Beiter Clearance Star with the nock (V-cut at 12 o’clock), so you can determine the eventual contact points, if your clearance is not good.
  • Now shoot at a short distance (e.g. only 3m).
  • Pay attention if the “rays” of the Beiter Clearance Star on the arrow have bent! According to the position you will know where you have a problem with your tuning/clearance.
  • Re-do the test after having set the bow differently (changing the nocking point height, the arrow position on the rest, the rest position, the plunger tension, the tiller,..) and continue either until there is no contact or your reach the desired contact marks!
  • Beiter Clearance Stars can be re-used more times, if the rays are only bent; they may also break-off after the first shot, depending on the strength of the impact and must than be replaced.
  • Use the Tool or your fingers to gently straighten bent “rays”.
  • Beiter Clearance Stars may be shortened: simply cut with a small (nail)plier the single “rays”.
  • There are some small indents to make it easy to shorten them all to the same length. So you can simulate different vane or feather sizes or different virtual distances of the shaft to the eventual contact points.

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...