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Mathews Halon X Comp (2017)

The 2017 HALON X Comp is our most versatile target bow to date. Featuring a new generation of the perimeter-weighted Mini-Crosscentric Cam and our highly efficient AVS technology, the HALON X Comp produces speeds up to 330 feet per second. A true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency. At 37 inches axle-to-axle, a 7 inch brace height and a peak draw length of 32 inches the HALON X Comp is designed to accommodate long draw archers and provide optimal stability. It also comes standard with our industry-leading Harmonic Damping to reduce post-shot vibration.

  • Super versitile design at home in the field or on the range.
  • Longer axle to axle choice as prefered by many target shooters.
  • Increased maximum draw length.
  • Featuring Mathews popular Mini Crosscentric cam system - designed to give the smoothness of a no cam with a decent speed.
  • Wider, more torsionally rigid limb design for increased stability.
  • True centre nocking point, for level nock travel and great shot to shot consistancy.
  • Wide choice of colours.

  • Right and Left Handed Models
  • Brace Height: 7in
  • Bow Weight: 4.96lbs
  • Draw Length: 28in*
  • Axle-to-Axle: 37in
  • Draw Weight: 50, 60 & 70lbs
  • Let-Off: 75%
  • IBO Rating: up to 330fps
  • Cam: Mini Crosscentric Cam
  • Colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Stone
    • White
    • Yellow

Modules (sold separately):

* Our suppliers sell the Mathews Halon X Comp with a 28in draw length as standard. If you want a different draw length from 26in to 32in in 1/2in increments then you will need an additional set of modules...

  • MCC2-A 75% (32in)
  • MCC2-B 75% (31.5in)
  • MCC2-C 75% (31in)
  • MCC2-D 75% (30.5in)
  • MCC2-E 75% (30in)
  • MCC2-F 75% (29.5in)
  • MCC2-G 75% (29in)
  • MCC2-H 75% (28.5in)
  • MCC2-I 75% (28in)
  • MCC2-J 75% (27.5in)
  • MCC2-K 75% (27in)
  • MCC2-L 75% (26.5in)
  • MCC2-M 75% (26in)

Mathews Halon X Comp - Black

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