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Ki Sik Lee & Tyler Benner Inside The Archer (3rd edition)
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Inside the Archer (3rd edition)

Inside the Archer (3rd edition)

Ki Sik Lee & Tyler Benner

The 3rd edition is now available! Inside the Archer, the second installment of the Total Archery series, looks deeply into high level Olympic archery with 28 expansive chapters. Co-authored with an archer, Inside the Archer addresses the athlete and the careful motions he must partake of while shooting.

Though written specifically for shooters, coaches and archers alike will find great value in the hundreds of photos, diagrams and exercises. Inside the Archer is one of a kind in its auspicious collaborative teacher / student beginnings, providing the reader with a delightful peek into the challenging world of competitive archery.

The teams who created the 1st and 2nd edition English, German, and Czech printings of Inside the Archer have come together again, updating photography and design in an improved 3rd edition. A contemporary design and reworking of diagrams and figures make the most salient points jump off the page while retaining the original text.

In its simplest form, archery is a task of conquering demons.

The physical and technical side of archery eventually comes down to four main concepts; fluidity, efficiency of motion, control, and angular motion.

For one arrow, almost anyone can achieve excellence. However, when that one arrow must be repeated with another, and another, on command, the archer begins to question his ability to sustain beauty.

Even a bulls-eye can sometimes be a mistake.

However, when the archer stands facing his target, there are no respites from contemplation. Despite feelings of dread, a lack of comfort, and a fear of both success and failure, the only thing the archer can do is shoot his arrow. And in so doing, he must shoot his arrow as he has practiced it a thousand times; unthinking, strong and confident, a true expression of his heart.

  • Published: 2019
  • Language: English
  • 28 chapters
  • 284 pages
  • Paperback

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