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Doinker Back Doinker - (B1-BD) - SALE
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Doinker A-Bomb Back Doinker

Doinker A-Bomb Back Doinker

The return of the Doinker A-Bomb! This back weight damper features a 1in diameter Doinker A-Bomb damper and an end weight. Please note the product name will not state A BOMB on any documents as this tends to frighten the shipping companies. Features a 5/16in male base thread and 1/4in threaded weights. Weight 5.0oz.


  • Diameter: 1in
  • Threads: 5/16-24 Base / 1/4-20 Weight
  • Weight: 5.0oz

Product code: B1-BD

Information provided courtesy of Doinker...