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Arc Systeme 304 P Release
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Arc Systeme
Arc Systeme 304P Release

Arc Systeme 304 P Release (2018)

Arc Systeme have redesigned their 304 P thumb release for 2018 with some key enhancements. New trigger support. New form of trigger. Reinforced spring mechanism. Improved shell, trigger support and knob. Together these changes promote optimal alignment, easy thumb access to the trigger, optimum pressure on the index and middle finger for the benefit of a more natural shooting line. Three sizes of thumb trigger are included. The 304 P (2018) is available in four sizes, XS, Small, Medium and Large.

New trigger support:

  • Promotes loosening of the thumb.
  • Adjustment light in depth.
  • Compatible with all models of 304P.
  • Accessory available in spare parts.

New form of trigger:

  • Eccentric machining for a wide adjustment range.
  • Diameter 13mm in addition to the two existing ones (8 and 10mm).
  • Accessories also available as spare parts.

Reinforced mechanism (springs):

  • The spring was problematic in the previous model. This has been corrected in this new model.

Shell, trigger support and knob:

  • For a better differentiation between the series.
  • To meet the demand of the archers.


  • Optimal alignment, thumb release.
  • Easy thumb access to the trigger.
  • Optimum pressure on index and middle finger.
  • For the benefit of the natural shooting line.
  • Three sizes of thumb triggers provided
  • Four sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large

The previous version could in some cases cause tension on the ring finger, the triggers provided were not enough to find a strong and ergonomic contact with the thumb. This new version allows a logical encounter between the trigger and the thumb, which makes the overall mechanism much more regular. The new larger 13mm trigger is also mounted directly on the mechanism of relaxing tail by removing the added support.

Setting the release

Arc Systeme 304P Release

A: Sensitivity adjustment - screw to harden the trigger.

B: Adjusting the stroke - screw to decrease the stroke.

Note: It is important to set the adjustment to the minimum to optimize the operation of the release.

  • Arm the release.
  • Tighten the stroke until it is released.
  • Unscrew a half turn, adjust to a quarter if desired.
  • Once the stroke is set, adjust the sensitivity.
  • This adjustment must be done first without using a bow. The final setting will be performed with the bow in shooting situation.
  • ATTENTION: a wrong adjustment can make the hook drop prematurely. Always tend towards a hard setting for the first time and then adjust.
  • A wrong adjustment can cause a Target Panic.

Arc Systeme 304P Release Diagram