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HMC 22 Extender:

W&W HMC 22 is the new upgraded stabilizing system with improved strength and stiffness by using high tensile strength carbon. 3K carbon fabric on the surface increases durability. In addition, the larger outer size satisfies compound shooting as it also absorbs shock quickly.

HMC 22 is designed for use with both recurve and compound shooters providing a stable shooting platform.

W&W has developed the HMC 22 stabilizer to improve dampening, absorbing shock and controlling torque.

HMC 22 long and short rods feature a unique design. They have a wall thickness of 0.0275in (0.7mm) at the front of the rod and 0.0787in (2mm) at the base which gives a more effective absorption of shocks during shooting. The outer diameter is 0.866in (22mm) - hence the name HMC 22.

  • Lengths:
    • 3in
    • 4in
    • 5in
    • 6in

W&W HMC 22 Extender
Information provided courtesy of W&W