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BCY 8190 String

Shooting For The Future

8190 Universal Bowstring is the toughest bowstring material ever made.

Stability, speed, safety, durability, reliability.

  • The lowest creep EVER in 100% Dyneema®
  • The world's strongest H.M.P.E.
  • Made from DSM's SK90 Dyneema®
  • GORE® fiber added for even higher durability
  • Smaller diameter strand for highest speed. 24 strands = 18 of 8125.
  • Recommended strands: 24/26
  • Approx ft/lb waxed: 9,500
  • Stock size: 1/4lb spool
  • Stocked colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red

BCY Formula 8190 - Blue, Black and Red colours stocked
Information supplied courtesy of BCY Inc. Pictures by Alternative Services.