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Doinker Elite Supreme Carbon Stabilizer - (EDS)
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Doinker Elite Supreme

Doinker Elite Supreme

The Doinker Elite Supreme - the most durable, effective and efficient dampener, representing the pinnacle of stabilization technology. The light weight multi-modulus carbon rod is great in the wind with an outside diameter of just 0.64in. The lightest weight carbon we offer.

Featuring our MSI Suppression mount technology. A vibration dampener featuring an internal steel weight suspended by two ITP dampeners at opposing ends.

The fixed mounted Doinker Supreme (DS1) allows the archer to fully adjust the flex/tension of the Doinker to better absorb residual vibration. Includes an aluminium Universal Stack Weight (USWL).

Black colour.


  • 18.5in - 9.4oz (EDS18)
  • 28.5in - 10.1oz (EDS28)
  • 31.5in - 10.3oz (EDS31)
  • 34.5in - 10.5oz (EDS34)

Information provided courtesy of Doinker