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Black Eagle Deep Impact shafts (doz)
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Black Eagle
Black Eagle Deep Impact shafts

Black Eagle Deep Impact shafts

The name says it all. This incredibly light and strong micro-diameter shaft was developed using cutting-edge carbon manufacturing techniques. This shaft uses fine-tuned spine-to- weight ratios to maximize speed, kinetic energy, penetration, and also to provide the flattest trajectory possible.

Ideal for long range target shooting such as Field and WA / FITA Outdoor.

  • Straightness tolerance: 0.001in
  • Grain weight tolerance: +/- 1gn
  • Shaft length: 32in
  • Durable, 100% carbon construction.
  • Low grains per inch allows for improved front of centre tune and the flattest trajectory.
  • Small diameter ideal for long range shooting.
  • Wide range of spines available.
  • Material: Carbon
  • Diameter: 15/64in
  • Grains per inch: 8.6 (400 spine)
  • Available spines: 300-900
  • Included components: Black Eagle M Nocks

Black Eagle Deep Impact shafts - specifications

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