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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Blade


?The new Blade and Blade Pro fixed head thumb trigger handheld releases bring major improvements to archery...

  1. Thinner head and jaw to reduce D-loop torque
  2. Finger bed grooves for added grip
  3. Safe firing mechanism - so safe that even if a piece of paper is in the way, the release will not set
  4. Silent & easy cocking firing mechanism
  5. Blade Pro adds weight by one half brass and one half aluminum construction, also featuring the all new checkered pattern texture on each side of the handle.
  6. Blade features all new knife-like checkered pattern texture side-plates.


  • Smaller head design reduces D-Loop torque while twisting the head
  • Grooves in the finger places allow for better grip
  • Safe cocking system
  • Knife texture for added grip


  • Blade - 2 tone black / silver (tactical aluminium)
  • Blade Pro - 2 tone black / gold (solid brass)


Sara Lopez