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TRU Ball eXecute TC - with Buckle Strap
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball eXecute - with Buckle Strap

TRU Ball eXecute TC - with Buckle Strap

What is it that will make this new index finger trigger release a top seller? A mixture of Proven and Innovative Design features.

The eXecute is the first Nickel-Plated Brass Bodied Wrist Strap release, complete with independently adjustable travel and tension settings that allow for ultra-light, ultra-crisp to ultra-heavy trigger adjustability which can also be locked to prevent un-intended movement. Due to the preferred popularity of our heavier handle release aids, solid brass material was selected to add weight in the hand, while the nickel-plated coating resists corrosion and wear through harsh weather conditions so it can supply quality and consistency through the lifetime of the release. The eXecute won't build up trigger pressure with additional bow weight due to a reliable and crisp Double Sear internal firing mechanism. When the knurled cocking bar is lightly depressed, the jaw fully closes around the rope loop using a Proven jaw design for accuracy and ease on your rope loop material.

Two triggers are included in the package, both of which are knurled for extra grip. The triggers are easily micro-adjustable to allow for loop-to-trigger finger length personalization, and are interchanged easily with one socket head cap screw. A retro-design Tornado Connection (TC) which allows a full 360-Degree swivel at the wrist plus the ability to fold back into the sleeve is the featured connection of the eXecute TC Large Buckle model. The TC is adjustable in 3/32in increments and allows double the number of normal positions available in trigger-to-wrist adjustment. The eXecute is also available with the Web Strap Connection in either Velcro or Buckle in Junior, Large, or X-Large to allow for short length adjustments that drops away after the shot.

All internal components of the eXecute are made of the highest quality hardened metals available, including stainless steel internal parts made with 4-40 C SST Hardened to 58/60 Rockwell and 7075-T6 Aircraft-Grade quality aluminum.

TRU Ball eXecute