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Samick SHT Riser

One of the all-time favourites, the Samick SHT has long proven it's popularity with traditional style archers around the world. Fitted with bushings for sight, stabilizer and pressure button this bow can be used for regular target shooting as well as instinctive.

The 60in SHT features a riser produced from finely crafted medium stained hard maple veneers. The limbs (available separately) are constructed from maple with clear fiberglass. Whilst most archers will prefer a softer dacron style string this bow is capable of handling a Fast Flight string if desired.

  • Bow length (with SHT limbs): 60in
  • RH and LH models available
  • Take down recurve
  • Ergonomic slim style grip
  • Bushings for sight, stabilizer and button
  • Riser only

Samick SHT Riser