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Cartel Triple Point - OLD STYLE

Cartel Triple point - old style

Cartel Triple points are a break off type point.

All models and sizes feature two 10gn (approx) break off sections, although you can always cut them smaller if you wish.

The old style model features a brass collar.

Triple shafts 300-700 feature the same internal dimensions and some components may be shared although we recommend matching the shaft/component sizes. For example, it is popular for customers to choose the heavier NEW Point 300 (120gns) rather than the 110gns option for their 400-700 size shafts.

Triple shafts 800-900 feature the same internal dimensions, as do 1000-1100 sizes. The 1200 size is the unique one and these are no longer stocked.

These points were replaced in 2003 with the current generation Triple Points which we helped to develop alongside Doo Sung Corporation. See the new models linked here...