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Negrini Compound Case - 4681

Negrini Compound Case 4681 - 130cm

A popular and very affordable compound bow case. The Negrini range of cases are manufactured from a very durable black plastic material which withstands rough treatment whilst maintaining a managable light weight of just over 5kg. These are the only cases available we can confidently say are airport-proof!

The Negrini Compound Case will hold most, if not all your archery kit, including bow, sight, stabilizer, any length arrows, etc. There is a complete foam block in the lower half for you to custom cut yourself. The top half has pre-cut foam to accept arrows and stabilizer. Inbetween is a full size divider to protect each half from one another.

For security there are two standard latches plus a 3 digit combination lock.

  • Size: 130 x 40 x 14 cm
  • Colour: Black