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Black Eagle
Black Eagle Intrepid - READY BUILT ARROWS

Black Eagle Intrepid - READY BUILT ARROWS

The intrepid arrow was designed for Recurve target archers. An affordable arrow with Black Eagle quality designed for the novice and seasoned shooters alike. Supplied as a pack of 12 arrows. Each arrow is fitted with a Black Eagle M-Nock ST (Small throat .93 Throat), fletched with AAE EP 1.6 Vanes and 90-70 grain adjustable points supplied loose. Intrepid arrows are supplied full length for you to cut to size.

Fletched arrow from Black Eagle. Great performing, great value beginner arrow. Wide range of spines to suit a variety of uses. Durable carbon construction. Generous length ideal for longer drawlengths and extra safety. Quality components available - including adjustable weight points for increased tuning oppotunities. Comes with pre-installed small groove nock. Points included but not fitted.


  • Straightness tolerance: +/- .006in
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 1 grain
  • Factory length: 32in
  • Inner diameter: .165in
  • Nocks: Black Eagle Arrows Micro-Nock ST Red- 4 Grains
  • Vanes: AAE EP 1.6" Vanes
  • Points: 90-70 Grain Target Points

Models: Size (Outside diameter / Weight grains per inch)

  • 600 (.226in OD / 7.1gpi)
  • 1000 (.212in OD / 5.1gpi)

When fitting components please note that Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts.

Black Eagle Intrepid