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Infitec Challenger NEO Fiber limbs - SALE
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Infitec Challenger NEO Fiber limbs

Infitec Challenger NEO Fiber Limbs:

Upgraded model for 2015

Challenger Fiber NEO Limbs are produced with double layered hard maple wood and laminated fiberglass in front and rear. They are finished with a highly polished clear fiberglass and new brighter white exterior graphics. The highly refined structure offers smooth drawing and consistently fast shooting. The key areas of improvement over the original Challenger Fiber limbs are the limb tip sections and the inner layout. Infitec guarantees superb accuracy, high performance and enhanced durability all within an attractive price tag. Highly recommended for intermediate archers or beginners.

Infitec Challenger Fiber Limbs are International Fitting Limbs.

  • Lengths: 66in, 68in, 70in
  • Weights: 18lbs to 40lbs in 2lbs increments
  • International Fitting Limbs
  • Product code: IF1102

Infitec Challenger NEO Fiber Limbs

Infitec Challenger NEO Fiber Limbs - tips

Established in 2012, Infitec Archery was formed to meet the new higher standards of serious modern archers.

The Infitec Archery company is a strong team of highly capable specialist manufacturers and experienced recurve and compound archery professionals from South Korea and the USA.

Infitec is a compound word of "infinite" and "technology" and the brand represents new ways of developing more advanced quality products based on a resources-infinite technology.