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Arc Systeme
Arc Systeme 300 M Release

Arc Systeme 300 M Release

The 300M is unique. The sheer quality of manufacturing and the construction the highest quality materials define it as a pure signature product of Arc Systeme.

Why put the trigger on the middle finger? The answer lies in our ability to coordinate our hands to decide when the arrow starts when we are in sight. Each finger of the hand has its trigger system, all except the middle finger. So we created it, to meet a need of archers who like a relaxed and comfortable shot.

The trigger to the major is central to the instrument, and central to the hand. It is also the finger that does not undergo pressure caused by the anchoring in the face, it is free of all movement to give it a precise accuracy on the moment of decision. We distributed the forces on the index finger, on the ring finger and around the wrist thanks to a real leather strap.

The click integrated in the triggering phase will announce an imminent release, you will have adjusted the sensitivity and the stroke of the tail of relaxation that will correspond to your style of shooting in a micrometric way.

  • Weight: 70g excluding the strap
  • Micrometric adjustment
  • Click
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Made in France
  • Ref: C2.206

Usage advice

Shooting is carried out by hand, strap properly adjusted to the wrist. The middle finger will remain in high position until the setting in sight. Release your middle finger to increase the pressure on the trigger tail until you feel the Click. A slight additional pressure will release the hook holding the rope.

The 300M is compatible with Back Tension shooting, or static shooting. It relieves the fingers of a too strong pressure in the case of a use of a fist thrower thanks to its wrist strap, and frees the space encumbered by the thumb to receive it in the palm of hand, for the benefit of anchoring to the face.

Information supplied courtesy of Arc Systeme