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Maximal Backpack Stool
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Maximal Backpack Stool

Maximal Backpack Stool

Over the years, several archery manufacturers have produced their version of an integrated rucksack and stool with varying degrees of success. Some were too flimsy, others were hulking great things which weighed more than the rest of your gear, and some were extraordinarily expensive. Maximal, one of the sister brands to Avalon have struck the correct balance between price, weight and features to bring you the impressive Maximal Backpack Stool.

In addition to the main rucksack compartment designed to carry your extra clothing, waterproofs and your lunch, there are two additional zipped compartments on each side designed to house small accessories which also provides access to the main compartment. A third compartment on the top is pictured here with a mobile phone (not included)... just remember to flip open the top before you sit on it. The integrate steel stool has an extra thick seating cushion. The stool can be used either installed inside the rucksack or removed and used separately. A rain cover is also included.

The rucksack itself is produced from heavy duty 840D material, with padded mesh back straps and a water resistant bottom casing. Equipped with 4 integrated zipper pockets, a large organisation front pocket (where the rain cover lives), a side mesh pocket for carrying drinks bottles and a multi-purpose strap on the front.

  • Colour: Black/Red
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Dimensions: 20in x 12in z 7.5in (61cm x 30.5cm x 19cm)

Maximal Backpack Stool
Information provided courtesy of Archers Gear.