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Shocq Contender T/D Bow
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Shocq Contender

54 inch take-down traditional style hunting recurve bow from Shocq.

The convenient take-down design allows for easy storage and transportation. The low price point makes it ideal for a first bow and also those on a tight budget. There are a range of poundages available from 25lbs to 45lbs in 5lbs increments. The limbs when fitted to the matt black 17 inch aluminium Shocq Contender riser produces an overall bow length of 54 inches.

Simple and secure standard screw fit limbs. This bow is supplied with a comfortable rubber grip, dacron string, arrow rest and hex key tool.

Advanced tuning and additional accessories possible with mounting holes for stabilizers, sight and button. The Shocq Contender is supplied in one colour option only... black.

  • Material: Aluminium riser
  • Length: 54in
  • Poundages: 25lbs to 45lbs in 5lbs increments
  • Brace Height: 7.5-8in
  • Mass Weight: 2.4lbs / 1088.6g (inc. limbs)
  • Included Items: Dacron string, Rest, Hex key

Shocq Contender
Shocq Contender
Shocq Contender
Shocq Contender limbs
Shocq Contender
Shocq Contender
Shocq Contender grip