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Carter Like Mike

Carter Like Mike

Carter Enterprises has had the pleasure of Professional Archer Michael Braden shooting our releases for most of his impressive career. This Collaboration led him to team up with Carter's design genius Jerry Carter to create the best index finger trigger release ever made, the Like Mike.

The Like Mike features a double sear design for increased accuracy and reliability. It also has least amount of trigger travel of any release Carter has ever made. The trigger has minimal overtravel to eliminate any spongy feeling when fired, leaving you with nothing but a nice crisp feel. The sleek in line design fits perfectly in any size hand and is very aesthetically pleasing. The Like Mike has a 0 to 5 pound adjustment range with the turn of a screw. It also features the popular Open Jaw that loads quickly and silently on a d-loop with no chance of slipping off. The Like Mike comes standard with the Scott Buckle Strap for no chance of attachment webbing slippage.

Michael Braden has stated that the Like Mike is the best index finger release ever created and shoots it exclusively. Try one today and you could be Like Mike! Or maybe better...

  • Double sear design for increased reliability and accuracy
  • Less trigger travel than any release we have ever made
  • Trigger has minimal over travel
  • Sleek in-line design
  • 5 pound trigger tension adjustment range adjusts with screw
  • Open jaw for fast silent loading
  • Comes Standard with Scott Strap.

Like Mike
Information supplied courtesy of Carter Enterprises.