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Axcel X-31 Scope + Clear Targets Doc's Choice Lens

Axcel X-31 Scope YCS + Clear Targets Doc's Choice Lens

Axcel offers a range of highly detailed scope housings with many interesting features.

The range includes the X-31 which allows the fitting of either 35mm or 1 3/8in diameter lenses... with the corresponding Lens Frame part... also available separately. (see options below)

The scope housing features fiber-optic light openings which supplies ambient light to the fiber of the ring pin while stopping the inaccurate and distracting refracting light from getting into the interior of the scope.

YCS = Yoke Connection System. Allows direct fitting to the Axcel range of tournament sights. With 2 screw fitting this design offers a much stronger connection than the traditional threaded rod design. The YCS also allows the fitting of the Axcel Armortec Sight Light - a white LED light with 3 brightness settings.

SCR = Stainless Steel 10-32 Connector Rod. If you are fitting your Axcel Scope to any other compound sight on the market with an industry standard 10-32 thread then you will need one of these.

Every Axcel Scope comes with a Large Level Bracket included. A Small Level Bracket is available separately.

A standard model Lens Retainer is included with the scope kit. A Hooded Lens Retainer is available separately should you need to reduce glare from the sun or indoor lighting.

Another feature not included with the scope kit is the Fiber Optic Ring Pin. Available separately in either .010 or .019 sizes and a choice of green, red or yellow fiber colours.

Red Ring Torque Indicator. Included with the scope kit is a red ring spacer. When set up properly you will not see it. However, if you start seeing red at full draw then you are torquing your bow.

CCT = Co-Planar Centering Technology. Engraved external peep alignment ring at the same depth as the sight pin or lens decal. Enables you to keep the pin centered even when viewed slightly off angle.

TCV = True Center Vision. This is provided due to the hour-glass or venturi shape inside the scope which supplies a circular sight picture reference even when viewed slightly off-center.

Clear Targets Docs Choice Lens

A superior line of lenses designed for Axcel Scopes by Clear Targets. The Crizal lens by Essilor, with its special coatings eliminates glare and reflections, repels water, dirt, smudges and oil, and resists scratching. Offers the most enduring clarity of vision.

1 3/8in diameter lens fits the Axcel X-31 Scope.

Doc's Choice Lens is developed by Essilor with the Crizal 9-Step finish. It allows you to see a sharp clear target with no distortions, no reflections, shatterproof, no glare, oil & water repellant, and fingerprint resistant lens.

Optometric physician Ricky Ferguson has each Clear Target lens precisely cut out of his own optical lab. He wanted to have a superior lens that would stay clear and distortion free. He chose the Crizal Lens by Essilor because of its durability and clarity. It is guaranteed to have a true optical center that prevents distortions, is trouble-free and always ready!

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Axcel X-31 Scope Body - YCS - Black

Axcel X-31 Scope Body - YCS - Silver

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