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Gold Tip
Gold Tip NINE.3 Pro Shafts

Gold Tip NINE.3 Pro Shafts

The NINE.3 Max is barely legal, yet compliant with 9.3mm World Archery and USA Archery competition rules.

Thanks to Gold Tip's legendary 100% carbon construction, you get repeatable one-hole-accuracy while taking on abusive targets like a champ. And yes, it's also a great 3D arrow as well.

  • Available in two grades - Pro (.001) and Standard (.005) straightness
  • Max Diameter allow for WA association (FITA)
  • Ultra durable Gold Tip construction
  • 8.5 grains per inch with 32in full length shafts at a .250 spine
  • Weight sorted to +/- .5 grains to the dozen
  • Multiple component offerings
  • Pin Nock Bushing for GT or HD or any industry standard pin nocks
  • Accu Bushing for .246 GT and Acculite Nocks
  • Uni Bushing for GTO Nocks
  • 100 and 130 grain base points that accept the FACT weight system. These weights allow you to customize your front of center (FOC) to reach the extreme accuracy you desire.

NINE.3 Max Pro
NINE.3 components
Information provided courtesy of Gold Tip. Photos by Alternative Services.