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Carbon Clicker:

The latest W&W Carbon Clicker is much more accurate and ensures the best fit to provide the perfect click sound. The 6-32 model is normally kept in stock. This thread size will fit all W&W competition recurve risers and any others with 6-32 clicker threads.

The W&W Carbon Clicker is deliberately curved and uses the elasticity of the carbon material to retain it's shape. No special tuning is required.

The tip is made of stainless steel and provides a clear "click" sound in shooting.

  • Weight: 2.5g
  • Thread: 6-32

4-40 and M4 threaded models have been discontinued

IMPORTANT: Please take care when handling this product as bending will result in breakage. All W&W Carbon Clickers are checked in store before shipping.

W&W Carbon Clicker
W&W Carbon Clicker
Information provided courtesy of W&W