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Gillo G1 Bronze Dragon Shell - (G01-BW-02-DG)
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Gillo Gold Medal
Gillo G1 Bronze Dragon Shell

Gillo G1 Bronze Dragon Shell

We are pleased to inform that we have started cooperation with the Italian artist Salvatore Gagliano, a Bare Bow archer himself, who has committed to develop some unique sculptures to be used as Bare Bow weights compatible with our Gillo risers.

The first sculptures available from this cooperation are matching our G1-BW-02 composable weight system and we have called them "The Dragon Shell" due to the Dragon subjects on them.

Two plates casted in Bronze in limited edition and hand adjusted to fit, for a total weight of 480 gr (without the center part that is optional)

We are sure that the community of Bare Bow and Traditional archers using our G1 and G2 risers will appreciate a lot these artistic pieces, that are the first ones available from a series of creations that will soon include also one piece casted BB weights with very original fantastic subjects.

Due to the handcrafted work involved by the sculptor, these plates are available to special order only, so please allow 2-3 weeks.

  • Bare Bow cover kit for G1 riser
  • Specially sculptured for us by the Italian artist Salvatore Gagliano
  • Casted in Bronze in limited edition and hand adjusted to fit
  • Replaces the side plates of G01-BW- 02 Bare Bow Composable weight
  • Fits the G2 riser too
  • Symmetric mount, allows four different balances for each kit
  • 480 gr total for the two side plates
  • Gillo Part number: G01-BW-02-DG

WARNING! - Use of combinations over 700g are not suggested on the Gillo G2 riser due to the limited support it can offer with the 4x M4 holes. The use of weights over 700g will void the warranty on the G2 riser. If you want over 700g then please use with the Gillo G1 riser.

Gillo G1 Bronze Dragon Shell
Information provided courtesy of Gillo.