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Cartel Triple CX 350 Long Rod

Cartel Triple CX-350 Long Rod
Cartel Triple CX-350 logo

Part of the Triple CX 350 range of stabilizers launched in 2013 and features a new and improved version of the Vibration Reduction System.

Manufactured with high quality carbon material, the Triple CX 350 is very lightweight but retains strong durability and high vibration dampening properties.

The exterior design has also been improved in comparison with the previous generation Triple stabilizers.

The long and short rods feature a tapered design. The extender features a parallel design.

Triple CX 350 stabilizers are normally stocked in black colour in all sizes. Other colours are available to special order (allow 4-8 weeks).

  • Material: High Modulus Carbon
  • End weight included
  • Lengths:
    • 26in
    • 28in
    • 30in
  • Colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Silver
  • Product ref: 350000

Cartel Triple CX-350 Long Rod