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Topoint TP420 Thumb - Spectra
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Topoint Thumb Trigger - Spectra

Topoint TP420 Thumb Trigger - Spectra

Special edition colour hand held thumb trigger release aid. The dreamy Spectra colour features many colours, If you cannot decide which single standard colour to choose from then go for the Spectra, then you will have all of the colours... all at once! This model comes with a removable fourth finger attachment to convert your release from a 3 finger to a 4 finger model.

  • Model: TP420
  • Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminium 6061-T6
  • Surface Finished: Anodized / CNC Milling
  • Weight: 109g
  • Adjustable Thumb Trigger
  • Safe Cocking System
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • 4 finger module included
  • Special Edition Colour: Spectra


  • 1x Finger module
  • 2x Placement screw
  • 2x Allen key
  • 1x Replacement spring
  • Instruction leaflet

Topoint Thumb Trigger - Spectra

Topoint Thumb Trigger - Spectra

Topoint Thumb Trigger - 4th finger