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AGF Technic-15

AGF Technic-15

With a 15 inch extension and the bulk of the weight concentrated close to the riser the AGF Technic-15 is ideal for those recurve archers wanting to play with the balance whilst not compromising on quality. LH/RH interchangeable.

The AGF Technic-15 is lauded as the "best recurve sight ever made". It satisfies high expectations. It is perfect in it's precision and very easy to handle.

The gearing mechanism is self locking. The block moves on rollers allowing a direct transfer of the adjustment.

The very precise quick-release fastener makes it possible to take the sight off very easily.

The balance point of the sight is very close to the bow. For that reason there are very few unwanted vibrations.

The 15" extension length makes aiming very comfortable.


  • A complete view of all the functions in the shooting position.
  • Automatically impeding gear unit, hence removing the complicated and unreliable locking screws - a system invented by AGF!
  • As the block runs on rollers, an immediate transfer from the upward and downward movement, and the reverse, is guaranteed - a system invernted by AGF!
  • Large turning knob whose figures move up when there is an upward adjustment and the reverse is also true.
  • Good readable and sensiyive ball scanning.
  • Elegant and precise quick fastener - invented by AGF!
  • The first mechanical sight with a continuous horizontal adjustment of 0 to 65mm and the precision of 0.05mm per graduation - a system invented by AGF!
  • Total weight of the slide only 18g.
  • 15" extension made of light and non-distortable aluminium triangular form.
  • Weight: 271g

Spare Parts listed in store:

Technic-15 drawing + parts list
Information provided courtesy of AGF Gasser AG, Switzerland.