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Gompy Bowstringer Limb-Tip Standard (BSP-1)
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Gompy Bowstringer BSP-1

Gompy Bowstringer (BSP-1_

The Gompy range of archery products needs no introduction. Superb quality, totally reliable and excellent value for money!

An excellent tip'n'saddle type bowstringer popular with archers the world over!

The Gompy Bowstringer has two different ends. One end fits over one of the limb tips and the other end is a grippy saddle which fits part way down the opposite limb. Then continue to string your bow in the usual manner. The tip'n'saddle type bowstringer is favoured by many archers as it is very easy to use.

As with all bowstringers you should ensure everything is in place correctly before stringing and de-stringing. All the usual common sense stuff. Make sure both the saddle and limb are both dry and not greasy. You don't want that to slip down the limb. It will hurt!...

Product Code: BSP-1