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W&W Black Wolf limbs
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W&W Black Wolf limbs - black

W&W Black Wolf limbs

Constructed from Royal Cross Carbon for power and strength while providing exceptional accuracy and smoothness shot after shot. Available in a choice of black or camo finishes in a range of sizes. Generally black is available from our suppliers in all three lengths 58in, 60in and 62in. Camo is normally available in 60in length only. ILF - International Limb Fitting.

  • 58in 35lbs Black
  • 58in 40lbs Black
  • 58in 45lbs Black
  • 58in 50lbs Black
  • 58in 55lbs Black
  • 58in 60lbs Black
  • 58in 65lbs Black
  • 60in 30lbs Black
  • 60in 35lbs Black
  • 60in 40lbs Black
  • 60in 45lbs Black
  • 60in 50lbs Black
  • 60in 55lbs Black
  • 60in 60lbs Black
  • 60in 65lbs Black
  • 62in 30lbs Black
  • 62in 35lbs Black
  • 62in 40lbs Black
  • 62in 45lbs Black
  • 62in 50lbs Black
  • 62in 55lbs Black
  • 62in 60lbs Black
  • 62in 65lbs Black
  • 60in 35lbs Camo
  • 60in 40lbs Camo
  • 60in 45lbs Camo
  • 60in 50lbs Camo
  • 60in 55lbs Camo
  • 60in 60lbs Camo
  • 60in 65lbs Camo

W&W Black Wolf limbs - camo
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