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Samick SPARE PARTS for Discovery riser - Copper Weight System
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Samick Sports
Samick Discovery Weight Kit

Samick Discovery Weight Kit fits in limb pocket

Weight Kit fits in limb pocket

Samick Discovery limb pocket

2020 specification Samick Discovery limb pocket

Samick Discovery Weight System

This item has been updated since the release of the 2020 Samick catalogue. The pictures and description shown here are the new model.

Customise the weight of your Samick Discovery riser for hunting and barebow use. You can add weight to your riser discretely.

Can be inserted into both the upper and lower limb pockets on the 2020 generation of the Samick Discovery riser. This item does not fit any other older models.

Produced from copper. System includes single piece weight and fixing bolt.

Weight including bolt = 143g