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Beiter Compound Rest Conversion Kit

Beiter Compound Rest Conversion Kit

The number of accessories for the Beiter Compound Rest continues to grow. The 50mm Launcher is 15mm longer than the Standard Launcher. To install the 50mm Launcher you will need to first install the grey tilting block (20). Both the 50mm Launcher and Tilting Block are supplied as a Conversion Kit.

A longer Launcher offers more opportunities for fine tuning on your bow and gives a greater range to find the required pivot point.

The 50mm Launcher is designed for use with the OD88 or OD116 models, but it can also be used on the Standard Beiter Compound Rest.

The Conversion Kit is available with 5mm and 6mm launchers in 0.30mm and 0.35mm thicknesses.

  • Models:
    • 5mm / 0.30
    • 5mm / 0.35
    • 6mm / 0.30
    • 6mm / 0.35

Beiter Compound Rest Launcher Comparison

To show a comparison, the three on the left are standard length launchers. The two on the right are the longer 50mm launchers.

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