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Shrewd 600 Pro Short Rod

Shrewd 600 Pro Short Rod:

High Modulus Smooth Sealed Carbon, with a thin wall, creates a very light but stiff stabilizer. O.D. of the stabilizer is .660in.

Supplied with 3x 1oz and 2x 1/3oz weights (total of 5 end weights) internal rubber dampening.

Stabilizer length is measured without the weights.

A 3 inch stainless steel threaded rod is standard to allow adding as many as 9 weights per stabilizer in total.

A stiff and versatile stabilizer, which allows a variety and wide range of weight combinations for a better holding bow.


  • 10in
  • 12in
  • 14in

Shrewd 600 Pro Long Rod

Shrewd 600 Pro Long Rod
Information supplied courtesy of Shrewd Archery