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Fuse Carbon X Taper

Fuse Carbon X Taper

Introducing Carbon X Series stabilizers: loaded with technologies that deliver a rock-steady sight picture. Just ask Mike Schloesser, who won 3 golds and set a world record all within the first 30 days of receiving his Carbon X Taper. Regardless of which setup you go with, FUSE cutting-edge engineering will deliver the competition-crushing performance and accuracy you expect.

The convex, tapered design of the Carbon X Taper reduces stabilizer mass-weight while maximizing the stiffness-to-weight ratio. Because tapering minimizes mass in the middle of the stabilizer and moves the bars center of mass forward, this design delivers unprecedented balance, feel and performance. Tapering also decreases surface area at the end of the stabilizer, meaning less wind interference.

In addition to this innovative tapered design, the X Taper utilizes Dual Stiffness Technology (DST) which allows you to switch between varying levels of stiffness to your own preference. The stabilizer’s single-plane aerodynamic dimpling can be oriented top-to-bottom, for the stiffest configuration, or side-to-side for a 23% less stiff stabilizer, enabling you to set up your rig to your exact specifications.

Finally, FUSE’s proprietary Internal Dampening Technology strangles vibration after the shot for a calm, tremor-free shooting experience. Available lengths: 27”, 30”, 33” and 36”.


  • 27in
  • 30in
  • 33in
  • 36in


  • Matte Black
  • Champagne

Comes standard with 3 oz. base weight and 1 oz. disc weight

Fuse Carbon X Taper - Weights
Fuse Carbon X Taper - Graphics

Fuse Carbon X - Adapter Screws