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FirstString Premium Custom - 2 Cam String
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FirstString Premium Custom

FirstString Premium Custom

FirstString Premium Custom

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Premium Custom Colored Bow Strings by FirstString.

Premium Custom offers the most custom color bowstrings and performance options in the industry. With 1326 different strand colours and our serving and center serving options you can have up to 59,670 combinations The extremely stable Formula X string material makes our Premium Custom strings unmatched in features, and quality.

The Premium Custom line is how FirstString got started. In the beginning, the string materials were much less advanced and the colours were typically limited to black or white. Our current Premium Custom colour bow string line up consists of over a thousand different string colour combinations. Each of them built from revolutionary and proprietary built strand formulas.

All of our strings are built by hand in Indiana, by one of our master technicians. We use the same tried and true formulas that FirstString developed over 25 years ago. You'll find our attention to detail and workmanship is unmatched in the string industry.

Using FirstString custom colour bow strings is a great way to make your bow set up a more complete shooting system. Replacing your current strings with FirstString Premium Custom colour bow strings is the way to do it in style with your favorite colours.


  • Custom serving length and position
  • Any color combination
  • Pre-stressed for faster shoot-in time
  • No peep rotation guaranteed
  • No serving separation guaranteed
  • No creep or stretch
  • Custom serving colors available


  • Premium Custom - 1 Cam String
  • Premium Custom - 2 Cam String
  • Premium Custom - Split Yoke Cable
  • Premium Custom - Control Cable
  • Premium Custom - Soft Yoke Cable & Harness
  • Premium Custom - Soft Yoke Harness
  • Premium Custom - 1 Cam Set (String + Split Cable)
  • Premium Custom - 2 Cam Set (String + 2x Split Cables)
  • Premium Custom - 2 Cam Set (String + 2x Control Cables)
  • Premium Custom - Hybrid Cam Set (String + Control Cable + Split Cable)
  • Premium Custom - Hybrid Cam Set (String + Control Cable + Soft Yoke Cable)
  • Premium Custom - Parallel Cam Set (String + 2x Control Cables + 2x Control Yoke Cables)

FirstString - String Customizer

FirstString String Customizer allows you to choose material and color combinations available for your bow, no matter what type of bow you shoot.

Compound Bow Strings, Traditional Bow Strings, Recurve Target Bow Strings, Crossbow Strings, Youth Bow Strings and Accessories.

If you want your string processed and shipped by Alternative Services please state this when ordering, otherwise your strings will ship from the FirstString factory in the USA.

Submit your order via the FirstString String Customizer today...