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PSE Perform-X - SALE
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PSE Perform-X

Stiffer, Stronger, More Stable...

Updated for 2019 with new Admiral Blue and Sky Blue colour options.

PSE has redesigned their target bow risers from the ground up, resulting in the ultimate shoot-through and shelf riser target bow platforms.

The Perform-X features wide track limbs for a stable shot, improved limb alignment adjustment system and a smooth draw cycle. Draw length adjustable between 26.5-32in without the need for a cam change. Wide selection of colours.

The Evolve Cam comes to Target Archery...

The 2018 PSE Target line has been reinvented with a new, smaller version of our critically acclaimed PSE Evolve Cam System.

Designed for increased speed and better hold. The new SEC Cam delivers comfort with the speed and stability you need to rule the target range.

With the true center-pull design of the 2018 PSE target bow, you'll also achieve perfect nock travel at any draw length.

New Wedge Lock Pocket with lateral adjustment system...

PSE have upgraded their target bows for 2018 with a new, shorter version of the wedge lock pocket for increased speeds, while PSE's lateral adjustment system (LAS) makes robust tuning even easier.

Swappable Cam Modules...

LL Modules (65-75% lef-off)

  • Designed for the target shooter
  • Comfortable lower let-off
  • Somes standard on new 2018 target bows

HL Modules (90% lef-off)

  • For shooters who want ultimate comfort


  • Brace Height: 7in
  • Axle to Axle: 40in
  • ATA/IBO SPEED: 332-324fps
  • Letoff: 65-75%%
  • Mass Weight: 5.2lbs
  • Draw Length Range: 26.5-32in (shipped as 29in)
  • Draw Weights (lbs): 50, 60
  • Max. Limb Bolt Turns: 10
  • Cam: SE
  • RH and LH models available


  • Admiral Blue
  • Black Cherry
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Platinum Titanium
  • Pearl White
  • Rich Bronze
  • Red
  • Satin Mercury
  • Sky Blue

PSE Perform-X
PSE Perform-X (2018)

PSE 2018 Target Bows


PSE Modules

PSE Lateral Adjustment System

PSE 2018 Colours

PSE - Black Cherry

PSE - Rich Bronze

PSE - Green

PSE - Platinum Titanium

PSE - Red

PSE - Gold

PSE - Satin Mercury

PSE - Purple

PSE - White

PSE - Black

PSE - Sky Blue

PSE - Admiral

Information provided courtesy of PSE Archery