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WNS Axiom-Alpha 21in riser - SALE
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WNS Axiom-Alpha 21in Riser

W&W have dropped the SF brand and renamed it "WNS" which is pronounced "Winners".

The WNS Axiom-Alpha range is great for youth and beginner archers. This 21 inch version will allows particularly small draw length archers to get the benefit of a smart engineered riser. Replaces the SF Axiom+ Light 21in model. It gathers all of the elements that made the 25 inch model a huge success, adjustable clicker extension, double hole for cushion button, magnetic arrow rest and a fully re-engineered cushion plunger.

Features an integrated clicker extender and two cushion plunger holes allowing the use of a screw-on arrow rest.


  • Length: 21 inches
  • Weight: 985g
  • RH and LH models
  • Accepts International Fitting Limbs (ILF)
  • Caution: Don't set up the bow over than 40lbs. It may cause damage of a riser.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Silver

NOTE: Unlike the SF model, the WNS Axiom-Alpha riser does not include a pressure button or arrow rest.

WNS Axiom-Alpha 21in Riser - Blue

WNS Axiom-Alpha 21in Riser - Blue