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ABS Plastic Grip:

This grip comes standard on all Hoyt Nexus and Helix risers. The Ergo grip was developed after years of research to provide a more relaxed bowhand and more consistent hand placement. The slim throat of the Ergo grip provides for a low-torque comfortable grip engagement no matter how small or large your hand may be. The Ergo grip is designed to optimize the true pressure point on the grip for optimal synchronization with the pressure point between the arrow shaft and cushion plunger. This provides for less potential variation at the moment of release.

Available in store in left or right hand.

  • ABS Plastic
  • Available in LH and RH models
  • Same shape as the Ergo Standard Wood Grip
  • Fits risers:
    • Helix
    • Nexus
    • Eclipse
    • Excel
    • GMX
    • Formula RX

Hoyt Plastic Grip
Information provided courtesy of Hoyt