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PSE Supra Focus XL (2020) - SALE
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PSE Supra Focus XL (2020) - Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

PSE Supra Focus XL (2020)

Very stable, long riser. Suitable for a wide range of draw lengths from 24in to 30in. Adjustable without the need for a bowpress. Short, wide track target limbs provide increased stability. Deflexed riser design for a stable and forgiving bow. Equipped with Evolve EM Cam to for a smooth draw. Range of colours including standard red, white and blue options plus the stunning multi coloured US Flag and Good Vibrations designs.

Target Series bow

Shoot to win with the new 2020 PSE Supra Focus XL! Setting a new benchmark in target bow performance, the Supra Focus XL is built on a larger deflexed riser platform, featuring a 7 1/2in Brace Height, 40in Axle-to-Axle, and a 24in to 30in draw length, making it our most stable target bow yet. The Supra Focus XL is also powered by PSE's new EM cam, a smaller version of our acclaimed Evolve Cam, delivering an amazingly smooth draw with a fixed 75% let-off (85% mod also available).


  • BRACE HEIGHT: 7 1/2in
  • AXLE TO AXLE: 40in
  • ATA/IBO SPEED: 319 - 327 FPS
  • LETOFF: 75% (85% Mod Available)
  • DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 24in - 30in
  • DRAW WEIGHT (lbs.): 50, 60


  • Red (Black Cherry with black limbs)
  • White (with white limbs)
  • Blue (Navy Blue)
  • US Flag (American Flag)
  • Good Vibrations (Good Vibes)

*Our suppliers list different colour names to those listed on the PSE web site. They are the same colour options.

PSE Supra Focus XL (2020) - US Flag

US Flag

PSE Supra Focus XL (2020) - Blue


PSE Supra Focus XL (2020) - White


PSE Supra Focus XL (2020) - Red


Information provided courtesy of PSE Archery