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Further Information

ACC One-piece Points

Listed below are the official Easton Model Specifications for available ACC points...

SeriesOne Piece PointsHyperspeed
Nibb Points
-00**ACE break off**not applicable
-0450,60,70,80,100gnsnot applicable
ACC One Piece Point

**The ACC size -00 uses the same size core tube as the ACE range and can therefore use all available ACE points, inserts and nocks. ACC 00-50gns one piece points listed in Easton's official literature are almost impossible to obtain.

Hyperspeed points are being phased out in store due to falling demand. They will still be obtainable to special order.

Points For Redline Shafts

Easton RedlineŽ uses the UNI system and is compatible with A/C/C internal components.

The suitable ACC One Piece Point sizes required for each Redline spine size are listed here.

Redline Spine SizeACC Point
Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery