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MK Korea MK Korea - Mach X limbs

MK Korea Mach X limbs

MK Korea has engineered an optimal limb width and angle to decrease vibration according to the specific materials used on the Mach X.

MK Korea has developed and researched a foam material technology with a specific limb angle for faster and smoother flying arrows. The Mach X limbs are precisely attached to the riser so that the energy is transferred and dispered within the riser resulting in less vibration, cleaner shots and less fatique.

Attention: We would like to inform you that the poundage of these limbs are based on a MK Korea Alpha Riser. If you have a Hoyt riser the poundage will be 2 lbs more. So for example 70in 36lbs limbs will be 70in 36lbs in a MK Korea Alpha riser, but in a Hoyt riser it will be 70in 38lbs.

Material: Foam core, Fabric carbon and Uni-direction high modulus carbon

Limbs fit International Limb Fitting (ILF) risers.

Lengths (with 25in riser):

  • 66in
  • 68in
  • 70in

Weights: 32 to 48lbs (in 2lbs increments)

Our suppliers normally stock a selection of sizes but not the full range. For available limbs please allow 1+ weeks approx. For unavailable sizes please allow 12 weeks approx. Please contact us via email requesting information on the specific size you are interested in.