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Trophy Taker Launchers for Spring Steel

Trophy Taker Launchers for Spring Steel

All Spring Steel and Spring Steel Micro-Adjust rests come supplied with a .010" Narrow Trophy Taker Launcher.

Other launcher options including two different widths and three different thicknesses are available to purchase separately...

Available models:

  • .008" Narrow
  • .010" Narrow
  • .008" Wide
  • .010" Wide
  • .012" Wide

Suggested launcher selection:

  • .008" - total arrow weight less than 300 grains
  • .010" - total arrow weight 300-400 grains
  • .012" - total arrow weight 400+ grains

Use Narrow launchers for arrows up to 23/64" diameter.

Use Wide launchers for arrows 23/64" and up.

Information supplied courtesy of Trophy Taker.