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TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex - Brass - SALE
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex

TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex

Jesse Broadwater Signature Series

The new range of release aids for 2017 with Comfort Flex Technology.

Create a release with a flat handle finger bed, a swept handle finger bed, or your individual preference or anything in between. Features all new handle adjustments to ergonomically fit your hand.

  • Micro-adjustable sear
  • 4 different possible head locations in the lever alignment system (LAS)
  • 30 degrees of radial adjustment in each finger grip location
  • Includes 3 and 4 finger attachments
  • Triggerless back tension release
  • Matching specifications between the Abyss and Fulkrum models for draw length and anchor point to allow interchangeability

TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex

TRU Ball Abyss Flex and Fulkrum Flex