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Ki Sik Lee & Tyler Benner Inside The Archer (2nd edition) - 2018 - SALE
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Inside the Archer - 2nd Edition

Inside the Archer
[2nd edition]
by Ki Sik Lee & Tyler Benner

Technique taken to a whole new level!

The first edition was a best seller in store. Many archers shared their success stories after they made changes to their technique after reading the book. This new second edition has new pictures around drawing, expansion, set and setup positions, and angular motion - the core concepts of the book, to help explain the principles more effectively. Ki Sik Lee and Tyler Benner have revisited and improved the original book and we are sure every archer and coach will want to have a copy.

Inside the Archer, the second installment of the Total Archery series, looks deeply into high level Olympic archery with 28 expansive chapters. Co-authored with an archer, Inside the Archer addresses the athlete and the careful motions he must partake of while shooting. Though written specifically for shooters, coaches and archers alike will find great value in the hundreds of photos, diagrams, and exercises.

Inside the Archer is one of a kind in its collaborative teacher/student beginnings, providing the reader with a unique perspective into the difficult world of competitive archery.

The teams that created the 1st edition English, German and Czech printings of Inside The Archer have come together to create an updated and improved 2nd edition. A contemporary design and reworking of diagrams and figures make the most salient points jump off the page while retaining the original text.

  • 2nd edition - paperback
  • Published by Astra LLC
  • Published in 2018
  • Weight: 712g
  • 285 pages
  • ISBN 13 - 978-0-9824265-2-4

KiSik Lee

KiSik Lee is a man who hardly needs an introduction. His athletes have won dozens of medals at Olympic and World competitions and set countless world records. Lee has established himself while coaching in Korea, Australia, and the United States, making him a true citizen of the world. His decorated career and 30+ years of experience as a coach make him the premier global voice of archery technique.

Lee currently lives in Chula Vista, California, where he serves as the Head Coach for the United States of America at the Arco USA Olympic Training Center. Lee's wife, Ha Park, lives with him there.

Tyler Benner

Despite having a family steeped in archery history, his grandfather having been a champion field archer during the heyday 60s, Tyler did not start shooting until he was 16 years old. Forever the inquisitive mind, Tyler continually sought the correct words and explanations to describe the sport he loved. After attending Claremont McKenna College, dual majoring in Physics and Philosophy, and conducting a series of research projects on the harmonics of archery, Tyler moved to the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, to train full-time with KiSik Lee. For two years Tyler trained intensively under the careful tutelage of Lee. A kinship grew between the two of them, a powerful relationship seen best through the creation of the book, Total Archery - Inside the Archer, a collaboration between the master, Lee, and the student, Benner. Tyler is now pursuing writing, photography, and entrepreneurialism.

Message from the author

To all the archers reading this book, please realize this book was written for you. The subtitle of the book, Inside the Archer, is meant to relate to the feeling, emotion, and power, you as the archer feel while shooting. After the success of the first Total Archery book, I had a great desire to publish a book written from the perspective of an archer. With the assistance of co-author, Tyler Benner, who trained under my tutelage for two years at the USA Olympic Training Centre, I feel I have come close to the best approach to teaching Olympic-level archery.

Though this book is written from the feeling and understanding of an archer, this does not mean a coach will not find this a valuable read. First and foremost the descriptions will be what an archer should see, experience, and feel, however it is the job of the coach to get inside of his archer. It is impossible to shoot the arrows for your students, but it is my goal that through this book, coaches will feel more like archers, and together the archer and coach can come closer together in their understanding. If a coach remembers that in order for his archer to shoot a ten from 70 meters, the archer must keep the point of their arrow in a circle smaller than the tip of a ball-point pen, and then approach coaching with that same amount of precision and attention to detail, one can be assured of much greater success.

Through the course of writing this book I have changed my own coaching and understanding, for the better.

Kisik Lee