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Brownell Liquid Lok/Cam Ez - SALE
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Brownell Liquid Lok/Cam EZ

Liquid Lok:

Brownell's new Liquid Lok will enhance and increase the longevity of bowstring serving strings. Liquid Lok will help prevent the separation of servings over cams. Liquid Lok is adaptable to all serving string material. Liquid Lok contains no hazardous materials.

Cam EZ:

Brownell's Cam EZ is a lubricant designed to help servings slide over cams in order to reduce wear. Cam EZ will work with any of the serving materials offered by Brownell. Cam EZ contains no hazardous materials.

Application Notes: If using Cam EZ in conjunction with Liquid Lok, apply the Liquid Lok first and allow it to dry thoroughly. If a serving has been lubricated with Cam EZ first, Liquid Lok cannot be applied.

  • Liquid Lok and Cam EZ are supplied as a complete pack. They are not available separately.
  • Each bottle contains 1/2 Fl Oz

Brownell Liquid Lok/Cam EZ
Brownell Liquid Lok/Cam EZ