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Estremo Hi-Mod Side Bar - (EHMSB)

The Doinker Estremo Stabilizers have now arrived in store and represent the next advancement in Freestyle stabilizer technology.

Estremo series stabilizers feature an Ultra Strong carbon that is found in Doinker's Standard Platinum Hi-Mod range but with a reduced surface area providing a reduction in potential wind drag without sacrificing the superior strength of the Tubular High Modulus Carbon.

The Estremo series also incorporates a fully adjustable removable 7/8 inch Doinker Supreme and Doinker's new 421 Mini Weight System.

The Estremo is the strongest stabilizer of it's size and weight on the market today. Combine that with it's small surface area and range of adjustments and very soon will become the stabilizer of choice for top archers globally.

Adjustment feature: You can put weights below the doinker and on top of the doinker for a very mudular custom feel.


  • (1) SIDEBAR
  • (1) High modulus .640" Estremo Platinum Hi-Mod Carbon rod
  • (1) Removable, Fully Adjustable 7/8" Doinker Supreme
  • (1) 421 Mini weight system, Stainless Steel, 7oz of weight (1oz weight adjustment)


    • 10in (10.4oz)
    • 12in (10.6oz)
    • 15in (10.8oz)

    Product code: EHMSB

Doinker Estremo Hi-Mod Side Bar
Information provided courtesy of Leven Industries, USA...