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Easton Carbon One

Easton Carbon One

Next Generation Carbon Technology.

Top-level competitors need precise, specialized arrows to win. New Easton UltraLite N-FUSED Carbon One provides the high tech answer for outdoor parallel performance and long-range accuracy. Innovative Carbon One is engineered with the latest nano technology making it the first target arrow with lightweight nano-fused construction.

Patented processes allow the carbon nano tubes to be functionally bonded to the carbon construction of the arrow. This unique material outperforms regular carbon to create a new standard in arrow construction.

N-FUSED Carbon
Carbon nanotubes have the highest specific strength of all known materials. When chemically bonded through Hybtonite resin, nano tubes result in increased strength and reduced vibration for better performance and tighter groups.

Small diameter and stringent manufacturing means arrows fly true in the wind and group tighter down range. Specially designed for field and outdoor tournaments, Carbon One offers a new level of strength, performance, and accuracy in an all-carbon parallel shaft.

Score higher and win today with lightweight N-FUSED Carbon One from Easton.